25L Bokashi Bin (includes strainer and tap)


25L Bokashi Bin (includes strainer and tap)

Each kitchen will need 2 x Bokashi food waste digesters (bins).
Once the first bin is full it is set aside for a 2 week fermentation period.

Thereafter the contents are buried, composted or fed to a worm farm where it breaks down to soil within weeks.

They include an internal strainer (to separate the leachate from the food waste) and a tap to enable the tapping off the beneficial fermented Bokashi juice.
This liquid can be used as a powerful liquid fertiliser for plants.

100% South African produced
Bokashi food waste recycling digesters are made from recycled plastic.

1) Place ½ cup of Bran into the bucket.
2) Add daily food waste to the bin. The process works best when large pieces are chopped into smaller pieces. The size of a golf ball is the maximum size guideline.
3) Sprinkle Bran over the food waste – approximately 2 tablespoons per 5cm of food waste. Double that if adding very fatty foods, meat, fish or dairy.
4) Compact the food waste down to eliminate any excess air and keep the lid tightly sealed.
5) If there is a lot of liquid, siphon some off using the tap. This liquid can be diluted (approx. 300:1) to feed plants or poured down drains to keep them unblocked.
6) When the bin is ¾ full, sprinkle another ½ cup of bran on top and allow the bucket to stand for 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks the bucket can be emptied and turned into your flower beds. The liquid can be diluted to feed plants and flowers.

Liquid fertiliser can be diluted as follows:
1:100 for lawns.
1:300 for gardens and pot plants.
1:500 for succulents.
1:1000 for any sensitive plants.
Do not use the liquid fertiliser on Fynbos as it does not like to be fertilised and the Bokashi Juice is too acidic.

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25L Bokashi Bin (includes strainer and tap)