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Brown Riverstone 20kg Bag (small stone)

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Brown Riverstone 20kg Bag (small stone)

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River stone can add an amazing effect to your garden, aiding to bring out plants, helping with water retention and evaporation, covering up spots where plants and grass are not happy to grow.

All stone is packed in strong uv protected bags and sold in weights of 20kg each.

They come in caramel brown or white greyish colours. A mixed variety is also available on request.

Choose from three difference sizes

Small Stone (gold ball size (25-75mm)
Medium Stone (Cricket Ball size 75-100mm)
Large Stone (Ostrich egg size 100-150mm)

COVERAGE for 1 sqm
Small Stone : approx 4 bags
Medium Stone : approx 6 bags
Large stone : approx 9 bags

As the stone gets larger they leave gaps if doing a single layer so that is why one would need more bags for large stone than small stone. this enables you do do another layer to cover the gaps.
You can also mix and match the size to help cover it easier and leave less gaps.


Brown Riverstone 20kg Bag (small stone)