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Carissa Macrocarpa Khupumla 20lt

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Carissa Macrocarpa Khupumla 20lt

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Drought Tolerant

Carissa macrocarpa, commonly known as Natal Plum or Large Num-Num. It is a species of flowering shrub native to South Africa, specifically in the coastal regions of KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape.

Appearance: Carissa macrocarpa is an evergreen shrub that can reach a height of 1 to 3 meters. It has thick, leathery, dark green leaves with a glossy appearance. The shrub has a dense, bushy growth habit.

Flowers: The shrub produces small, star-shaped, fragrant flowers that are usually white or pale pink. The flowers are often borne in clusters and can appear throughout the year, depending on the climate.

Fruits: After flowering, Carissa macrocarpa forms large, red or dark purple fruit. The fruits are edible and have a sweet, somewhat tart flavour. They are used in some regions for making jams, jellies, and beverages.

Thorny stems: The branches of Carissa macrocarpa are armed with sharp thorns, which can act as a deterrent against herbivores and make the shrub useful for creating hedges or natural barriers.

Uses: Carissa macrocarpa is commonly grown as an ornamental shrub in gardens and landscapes, especially in coastal regions and subtropical areas. Its dense foliage and fragrant flowers make it a popular choice for hedges and as a screening plant. The edible fruits also add to its appeal.

Tolerance: This species is known for its tolerance to coastal conditions, including salt spray and sandy soils. It prefers a sunny location and well-drained soil.

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Carissa Macrocarpa Khupumla 20lt