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Clear Pond 500ml


Clear Pond 500ml


Makhro Clear Pond uses natural microbes to enhance the environment of your pond providing benefits to both fish and flora.

Makhro Clear Pond reduces nitrates, phosphates and sludge build up, helping to achieve a healthy microbial balance in your pond – rapidly improving water clarity.

Makhro Clear Pond comprises 20+ strains of healthy, natural microbes and their metabolites which outcompete algae for nutrients improving water quality and reducing the sludge that attracts harmful pathogens.
In addition, our billions of microbes can neutralise toxic substances that can cause harm to your fish.

Koi Ponds, Water features and Garden Ponds:
In the first month and during the summer months apply 80ml per square metre of water surface once monthly. Thereafter apply 50 ml pond clean once monthly.
During winter months apply 50 ml once monthly per square metre of water surface.
For ease of application dilute the above dosages with 500 ml chlorine-free water and apply.

23 Species of live micro-organisms representing 10 different genera


Clear Pond 500ml