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Compost, Soil and Plant Health Booster (500ml)


Increases decomposition by up to 50% and increases microbial activity
by up to 100%.
Suppresses harmful organisms and reduces foul odours and pests in
compost heaps.
Yields increased volumes of the final compost product.
Dilute 1:100 and spray between layers when building heap. Spray again when turning heap.
Enriches soil and replaces need for chemical fertilisers. Lowers pesticide requirements.
Adds valuable nutrients, protects plants against diseases and improves
soil structure, leading to better aeration and water holding capacity.
Increases crop yields by up to 30%. Use to increase seed germination
& as a foliage feed.

Dilute 1:750 and water-in or spray foliage.
Non-toxic, not chemically synthesised and non-genetically modified.


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Compost, Soil and Plant Health Booster (500ml)

Concentrated probiotic compost activator and soil & plant nutrient booster.
Excellent nutrient booster for vertical gardens, soiless plants and