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Cyathea Australis Fern 17cm Pot


Cyathea Australis Fern 17cm Pot
Common Name: Australian Tree Fern

Semi Shade
Medium Watering

Fast-growing tree fern up to 4m in height with a rough, hairy stem and leaves in rosette.
Moist and shady conditions are a favourite for this fern.


Cyathea australis, commonly known as the Rough Tree Fern or the Australian Tree Fern, is a large and attractive species of tree fern native to eastern Australia, particularly in the coastal regions of New South Wales and Queensland. It is a member of the Cyatheaceae family.

Characterized by its tall, slender trunk and large fronds, Cyathea australis can grow up to 15 meters in height. The fronds are bright green and can reach lengths of 4-6 meters, forming a beautiful canopy of lush foliage.

These ferns prefer shady and moist environments, typically found in rainforests, gullies, and other sheltered areas. They are well-suited to gardens with a similar environment, making them popular choices for landscaping projects in suitable climates.

When planting Cyathea australis, it is essential to ensure the soil is rich and well-draining, and the location provides enough shade and protection from strong winds. Regular watering is crucial to maintaining their lush appearance. In colder regions, they may require additional protection during winter.


Cyathea Australis Fern 17cm Pot