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Ekebergia Capensis 50lt


Ekebergia Capensis 50lt
Common Names: Cape Ash, Dogplum, Essenhout

Full Sun
Low Watering
Drought Tolerant When Established

Ekebergia capensis, commonly known as the Cape ash or African ash, is a tree species native to South Africa.

Habitat: Ekebergia capensis is found in various parts of South Africa, including the Cape Peninsula, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, and Limpopo. It typically grows in woodland and forest habitats, often near rivers or in moist areas.

Description: It is a medium-sized to large deciduous tree that can reach heights of up to 20 meters. The tree has a dense, rounded crown and a straight trunk. The bark is greyish-brown and becomes rough and fissured as the tree matures. The leaves are compound, with leaflets arranged in pairs, and they are shiny dark green in colour.

Flowers and Fruits: Ekebergia capensis produces small, creamy-white flowers in dense clusters. The flowers are fragrant and attract bees and other insects for pollination. After pollination, the tree develops small, round fruits that turn purple when ripe. The fruit contains a single seed and is edible, but not commonly consumed by humans.

Uses: Ekebergia capensis has several uses in traditional medicine and cultural practices. Various parts of the tree, such as the bark, leaves, and roots, are used for their medicinal properties. The wood is durable and used in construction, furniture making, and for fuel. The tree also has some cultural significance and is often planted as an ornamental tree in gardens and public spaces.

Conservation status: Ekebergia capensis is not currently listed as a threatened species. However, like many tree species, it can face threats from habitat loss, deforestation, and invasive species. Conservation efforts are important to preserve the natural habitats where this tree species occurs.

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Ekebergia Capensis 50lt