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Ficus Rubiginosa 70lt


Ficus Rubiginosa 70lt
Common Name: Rusty Fig Tree, Port Jackson

Ficus rubiginosa, commonly known as the Rusty Fig or Port Jackson Fig, is a species of fig tree native to Australia. It’s valued for its attractive foliage, adaptability, and its role in providing habitat and food for wildlife.

Ficus rubiginosa is a medium to large evergreen tree that can reach heights of up to 20 to 30m.
The leaves are elliptical, glossy, and dark green on the upper side, with a distinctive rusty or reddish-brown colour on the underside, giving rise to its common name “Rusty Fig.”
The tree produces small, round figs that start green and turn purple-black when ripe.

This fig tree is commonly grown in gardens and landscapes for its ornamental value and shade-providing qualities.
It’s well-suited to coastal and subtropical climates.
Ficus rubiginosa prefers well-draining soil and can tolerate a range of soil types.

Ficus rubiginosa is popular as a shade tree and as a focal point in outdoor spaces.
Its dense foliage and attractive leaves make it an appealing choice for various landscaping projects.
The figs are consumed by various birds and animals, contributing to local ecosystems.

Regular pruning can help shape the tree and promote healthy growth.
Adequate water during establishment and maintenance is important for its well-being.


Ficus Rubiginosa 70lt