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Gardenia Thunbergia 10lt


Gardenia Thunbergia 10lt
Common Name: Wild Gardenia, White Gardenia

Morning Sun
Semi Shade
Monthly Feeding
Moderate Watering

The flowers of Gardenia thunbergia are creamy white and emit a pleasant fragrance, although it is generally considered to be milder than the fragrance of other Gardenia species. The flowers have a similar form to other gardenias, with multiple petals arranged in a whorl. They are often solitary or occur in small clusters.

The leaves of Gardenia thunbergia are glossy, dark green, and elongated. They provide an attractive backdrop to the flowers and contribute to the overall lush appearance of the plant.

This plant is typically a shrub that can grow to a height of around 3 to 6 feet (1 to 2 meters). It has a spreading growth habit and can become wider than its height. Gardenia thunbergia prefers well-draining soil and partial to full sun conditions.

While the fragrance of Gardenia thunbergia is pleasant, it is often less intense than that of other Gardenia species. Some people appreciate this milder scent, especially if they find the strong fragrance of other gardenias overpowering.

Gardenia thunbergia is better suited to warmer climates and can be sensitive to frost. It is more tolerant of a wider range of conditions compared to some other gardenia species.

Cultural Significance
In some African cultures, Gardenia thunbergia has traditional uses, such as being used in herbal medicine or for ornamental purposes.

Landscape Use
Gardenia thunbergia can be used as a decorative shrub in gardens and landscapes, adding a touch of elegance with its white flowers and glossy foliage. It can be planted as a specimen plant, in hedges, or as part of mixed planting arrangements.


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Gardenia Thunbergia 10lt