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Granadilla Vine 20lt

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Granadilla 15cm Pot
Common Name: Granadilla, passion fruit

Full Sun
Semi Shade
Climbing Plant
Low Watering

A wonderful and easy to grow fruit vine that bears fruit very often once established.

Granadilla, also known as Passiflora ligularis or sweet granadilla, is a tropical and subtropical vine that produces sweet and aromatic fruits. It is a member of the Passifloraceae family and is native to parts of South America, including the Andean regions of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.

Here are some key features of the Granadilla plant:

Growth Habit: Granadilla is a vigorous climbing vine that can grow up to 6m or more. It uses tendrils to attach itself to support structures such as trellises, fences, or other plants.

Leaves: The leaves of the Granadilla plant are dark green, glossy, and have a lobed or serrated shape. They are alternate and have distinctive characteristic veins.

Flowers: Granadilla produces beautiful and showy flowers, typically white or pale yellow with purple or maroon filaments. The flowers are intricate and unique, with a central tubular structure surrounded by five petals.

Fruits: The fruit of the Granadilla plant is oval or round and typically measures 4 to 6cm in diameter. The skin is smooth and leathery, usually green when unripe and turning yellow-orange when ripe. The interior contains numerous small, black seeds covered in sweet, translucent, and aromatic pulp. The flavour of the fruit is often described as a mix of passionfruit and pineapple, with a hint of banana.

Growth Requirements: Granadilla thrives in warm, subtropical to tropical climates. It prefers well-draining, fertile soil and requires regular watering. It does well in full sun to partial shade.

Uses: The sweet and flavourful fruits of Granadilla are the main attraction of the plant. They are commonly eaten fresh, either by scooping out the pulp or by juicing the fruit. Granadilla is also used to make beverages, desserts, and various culinary preparations.

Medicinal Uses: In traditional medicine, various parts of the Granadilla plant have been used for their potential health benefits, such as promoting relaxation, aiding digestion, and supporting respiratory health.


Granadilla Vine 20lt