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Green Bell Pepper Seeds


Green Bell Pepper Seeds

Green Pepper is great in salads and many dishes. It adds flavor to stews and curries.

Pepper seeds require a temperature range between 18 and 35 degrees Fahrenheit. The optimum temperature for germination is 25 to 30 degrees.

At the optimum temperature, pepper seeds germinate and sprout within 5 to eight days.

Plant seeds ± 5mm deep in the soil. Cover with soil and water carefully. Overwatering can cause fungal growth which leads to seed rot. Excess water can also bury seeds deep in the soil where they will not be able to break the surface. Water when the soil surface just begins to dry.

Multiple seeds can be planted in a single starter container but should be thinned once seedlings appear so only a single plant remains.

Once a few true leaves have developed, seedlings should be slowly moved outside (if sprouted indoors) to ambient light. Care should be taken not to expose seedlings to the direct, scorching sun so plants may need to be hardened off via slow sun exposure. Hardening off can be done using a shaded or filtered light location, as well as protection from strong winds, rain, or low humidity. Hardening off time varies but can take 5-10 days

Minimum of 30 seeds per pack

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Green Bell Pepper Seeds