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Leucadendron Inca Gold 17cm

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Leucadendron Inca Gold 17cm

Full Sun
Afternoon Sun
Low Watering
Drought Resistant

These are a must for any water wise gardener. They produce wonderful winter colours of yellow flowers with red edges.
They can be grown as a stand alone or as a low laying hedge plant.
They are also pot friendly and grow to about 1.5m in height.

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Leucadendron Inca Gold 17cm

Leucadendrons, also known as cone bushes or pincushion proteas, are a group of flowering shrubs native to South Africa. They are highly regarded for their beauty and can be a wonderful addition to a garden for several reasons:

1. Striking Flowers:

Leucadendrons produce unique and eye-catching flowers that add vibrant colours to the garden. The flowers are cone-shaped and have a pincushion-like appearance, hence the common name “pincushion proteas.” They come in a variety of colours. The flowers are long-lasting and can persist for several weeks, providing a stunning display.

2. Evergreen Foliage:

Leucadendrons are evergreen plants, meaning they retain their foliage throughout the year. The leaves are often elongated, leathery, and have attractive textures and colours. The foliage can range from shades of green to silvery-grey, offering year-round interest in the garden.

3. Drought Tolerance:

Leucadendrons are adapted to Mediterranean climates and are known for their exceptional drought tolerance. Once established, they can withstand dry conditions and are an excellent choice for water-wise gardens. This characteristic makes them suitable for regions with low rainfall or areas where water conservation is a priority.

4. Low Maintenance:

Leucadendrons are generally low-maintenance plants. They are resistant to many pests and diseases and require minimal pruning. They also have a relatively long lifespan compared to some other garden plants. As long as they are provided with the appropriate growing conditions, they can thrive with minimal care.

5. Wildlife Attraction:

The unique flowers of leucadendrons attract various pollinators, including bees, butterflies, and birds, such as sunbirds. These plants contribute to the biodiversity of the garden and can create a vibrant and lively ecosystem. Additionally, the cone-like structures formed by the flowers can be a food source for birds.

6. Versatility:

Leucadendrons can be used in various garden settings. They work well as a stand-alone plant, providing a focal point with their striking flowers and foliage. They can also be incorporated into mixed borders or used for hedges and screens. With the wide range of cultivars available, you can choose from different sizes and colours to suit your garden design preferences.

7. Long-lasting Cut Flowers:

The pincushion-like flowers of leucadendrons make excellent cut flowers. They have a long vase life and can be used in floral arrangements, adding an exotic and unique touch. Their vibrant colours and interesting forms make them popular choices for floral displays and bouquets.