Onion-Mixed Sets Bulbs


Onion-Mixed Sets Bulbs

35 Bulbs per pack
Full Sun
Semi Shade

The onion is a true bulb. Onions scientific name is Allium Cepa.
This genus is home to garlic, shallots, leeks and chives as well as onion. At maturity, the bulbs will grow to a height of 80cm.
Onions prefer a fertile, well-draining soil and compost should be included in soil to act as a mulch. It should be planted when the soil has cooled at the beginning of winter.
Onions can be planted from seeds, bulblets (sets) or cuttings. We recommend that you use bulblets as it is the fastest and most reliable method.
The bulblets should be planted 5 – 10cm apart and the spaces between the rows of 25cm. The more spacing, the bigger the bulb will become.

Available: March April May
Plant: March April May
Flower: August September


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Onion-Mixed Sets Bulbs