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Portulacaria Erects 10lt

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Portulacaria Erects 10lt
Common Name: Porkbush, Elephants food, Spekboom

Full Sun
Semi Shade
Low Watering
Water Wise

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Help fight to keep our planet alive by planting one Spekboom. We are challenging you to plant at least one Spekboom in your home, garden, office, hospital or school. They are a climate change fighting plant and if we all plant at least one in our homes we are assisting the fight to keep our planet alive!


Spekboom is an indigenous plant and proudly South African It is a plant that has MANY benefits such as tackling carbon emissions like no other plant can. They even transform carbon dioxide into oxygen during the night which is very unique to this plant.

Some benefits of Spekboom are:

1) Easy to grow
2) Suitable for all weather conditions
3) Water Wise
4) Improves the quality of our air
5) Proudly South African
6) It is an edible plant

Spekboom can be planted for a variety of uses such as,

1) Every day pot plant on a window or outside
2) In a plant bed
3) Great for low lying hedges
4) Help soil erosion so also useful as a retaining plant for binding soil

Studies have shown that 1 hectare of Spekboom is able to convert more carbon dioxide into oxygen than the same size of the tropical rain forests, making this a must have in your home.
They can grow to about 5m in height, typically 2-3m in a home environment. They live for up to 200 years and adapt to any climate or garden changes.

YES they are edible. Spekboom is eaten by wildlife such as Elephants and Rhino but it is also eaten by us. Spekboom is rich in manganese, cobalt and magnesium.
The leaves have a lemony taste and can be used to treat heart burn, dehydration, exhaustion and heat stroke. The leaves are suckled on or can be eaten as part of a salad.

So what are you waiting for? Take up the challenge and help to improve your life!