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Rhaphiolepis Indica Pink 20lt

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Rhaphiolepis Indica Pink 20lt
Common Name: Indian Hawthorn

Rhaphiolepis indica, commonly known as Indian Hawthorn, is a flowering evergreen shrub that belongs to the family Rosaceae. It is native to southern China and Japan. The “Pink” variety of Rhaphiolepis indica is likely a cultivar or specific selection that features pink flowers.

The Pink variety is known for its attractive pink flowers, which can vary in shades from light to dark pink. The flowers are usually small and clustered.

The plant has glossy, dark green leaves that are often leathery in texture. The foliage is evergreen, providing colour and interest throughout the year.

Rhaphiolepis indica Pink is a relatively compact shrub, typically growing to a moderate height. It is often used as a landscaping plant in gardens and hedges.

Growth Habit
This shrub has a dense and rounded growth habit, creating a neat and tidy appearance.

Sun and Soil Requirements
Indian Hawthorn prefers well-drained soil and is adaptable to a variety of soil types. It generally thrives in full sun to partial shade.

They can be grown in most gardens and are tolerant of coastal conditions and is known for its resilience in different environments.

Landscape Uses
Indian Hawthorn is commonly used in landscaping for its evergreen nature, attractive flowers, and adaptability. It can be planted as a specimen shrub, in mass plantings, or as a low hedge.

This shrub is relatively low-maintenance. Regular pruning may be done to maintain its shape and size, and spent flowers can be removed to encourage continued blooming.


Rhaphiolepis Indica Pink 20lt