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Strelitzia Reginae 20lt


Strelitzia Reginae 20lt
Common Name: Bird of Paradise, Crane Flower

Full Sun
Semi Shade
Low Watering
Drought Tolerant
Water Wise

Strelitzia reginae, commonly known as Bird of Paradise or Crane Flower, is a stunning tropical plant native to South Africa. It belongs to the Strelitziaceae family and is well-known for its unique and vibrant flowers, which resemble the shape of a bird in flight.

Appearance: Strelitzia reginae is a clump-forming perennial plant with large, paddle-shaped leaves. The leaves are glossy, deep green, and arranged in a fan-like manner, growing from a central stem.

Flowers: The most distinctive feature of Bird of Paradise is its flowers. The inflorescence consists of several bright orange and blue petals arranged in a way that resembles a bird’s head with a beak and feathers. The flowers emerge from thick, erect stalks known as scapes. They are quite striking and add a tropical flair to any landscape.

Flowering Period: Strelitzia reginae blooms mainly during the warmer months, typically in spring and summer. Under ideal conditions, it may produce flowers intermittently throughout the year.

Landscape Use: Bird of Paradise is widely used as an ornamental plant in tropical and subtropical regions. It can be grown as a focal point in gardens, as a border plant, or as a potted specimen in outdoor spaces or conservatories.

Growing Conditions: Strelitzia reginae thrives in full sun to partial shade and prefers well-draining soil. It is relatively drought-tolerant once established, but regular watering is essential to encourage healthy growth and flowering.

Propagation: Bird of Paradise can be propagated through division or by seeds. Division is often the preferred method as it ensures that the new plant maintains the characteristics of the parent plant.

Low Maintenance: Strelitzia reginae is generally considered low-maintenance, making it an excellent choice for gardeners seeking an eye-catching and relatively easy-to-care-for plant.


Strelitzia Reginae 20lt