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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 20lt


Brunfelsia pauciflora ‘Floribunda’ 20lt
Common Name: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Shrub that grows up to 3m high with very fragrant white to lilac flowers in spring and summer

Semi Shade
Full Sun
Low Water
Wind tolerant

The “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Tree” is indeed the common name for the plant I mentioned previously, which is Brunfelsia. This is a species of flowering plant in the Solanaceae family.

The common name “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” comes from the unique colour-changing nature of its flowers. The blossoms of Brunfelsia pauciflora open as purple or violet, then fade to pale lavender or white on the second day, and finally, on the third day, they turn light yellow. This gradual colour transformation over three days gives rise to the poetic name “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.”

The plant is popular in gardens and landscapes due to its attractive flowers and the striking visual effect of having flowers at different stages of coloration simultaneously.



Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 20lt