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Zulu Royal Rose STD 90cm


Zulu Royal Rose STD 90cm

Full Sun
Afternoon Sun
Moderate Watering
Monthly Feeding
Prune in Winter

Standard roses, also known as lollipop roses, are a form of rose plant that is trained to have a long, straight trunk or stem with a rounded canopy of foliage and flowers at the top.
They are often used as standalone specimens in gardens or as focal points in landscaping.

Growth habit
Standard roses are typically grafted plants where a desirable rose variety, known as the “scion,” is grafted onto a tall, straight stem of a different rose species or rootstock.
The stem is trained to grow straight and upright, creating a clear trunk without any side branches until it reaches a specific height.
At the top, the scion forms a rounded head or canopy of foliage and flowers.

Height and size
The overall height of standard roses can vary depending on the desired size and how they are pruned.
Generally, standard roses can reach a height of 1 to 2m, with the canopy or head taking up a significant portion of the overall height.

Pruning and maintenance
Regular pruning is essential to maintain the shape and size of standard roses. Pruning is typically done in early spring or late winter, before new growth emerges.
It involves removing dead, damaged, or weak wood, as well as shaping the canopy by selectively pruning the side branches.

Standard roses produce flowers at the top of the canopy, just like other rose varieties.
The flowers can come in various colors, forms, and fragrances, depending on the specific rose variety used as the scion.
They often bloom during the growing season, providing a beautiful display of color and fragrance.

Standard roses are versatile and can be used in different garden settings. They are commonly planted in borders, formal gardens, or as standalone specimens in containers or garden beds.
Due to their vertical stature and the visual impact of the rounded canopy of flowers, they can serve as focal points in landscapes or create a dramatic effect when planted in groups.

Many rose varieties can be trained as standards, allowing for a wide selection of flower colors, forms, and fragrances.
Popular rose varieties often used as standard roses include hybrid teas, floribundas, and grandifloras.

Standard roses, or lollipop roses, are eye-catching additions to gardens and landscapes. Their elegant form, long stems, and rounded canopy of flowers create a unique visual appeal.
With proper care, pruning, and attention, standard roses can bring vertical interest and beauty to any outdoor space.


Zulu Royal Rose STD 90cm