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Lilium – Asiatic Bulbs Soft Pink

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Lilium – Asiatic Bulbs Soft Pink
Common Names: Lilium asiatic; Lilium asiflorum & Lilium longiflorum: Lily
Lilium longiflorum: St. Joseph’s lily

Available: May – July
Plant: May – August
Flower: September – January

It is important to plant newly bought bulbs straight after purchasing them. The soil for growing Lilium is crucial. Dig a hole of 40cm and work in compost and sand – manure is also good but must be well decomposed. After planting, add a thick mulch and water regularly. Lilium should be planted in an area that is cool but has sufficient sun in your garden – easiest to plant them under shrubs.

You can grow Lilium in pots or containers which must have a hole in the base for drainage. If you use a saucer, it should be emptied after watering. If planting in a pot, ensure that the pot has 10cm below the bulb for the roots to grow.

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Lilium – Asiatic Bulbs Soft Pink